Sharon Pace 1“It is time your voice, the voice of the people, was heard. It is time we move Missouri forward and pick up the pace of progress.”



Funding for Schools

The future success of our children and grandchildren is being shortchanged by a Republican Governor and Republican control of the Missouri House and Senate. They do not place the same high priority we do on funding public education. Our primary and secondary schools, as well as our public universities such as UMSL, are the pathways to success, good careers, and security. I will fight to increase funding and defend public education in Missouri.


Reducing Crime

We all want to live in neighborhoods that are safe and free of violence. We need to move gangs and drug violence out of our communities. To do so we must strike a balance between professional policing and addressing the root causes of crime. Addiction, lack of jobs for young people, gangs, hopelessness all contribute. We can give our young people hope, access to employment, cures for addiction, and alternatives to joining gangs.


Creating Jobs

Attracting and retaining good jobs, ones that pay a living wage, is one of my top priorities. Those who want to start their own small businesses and entrepreneurs with the next big idea, must have assistance to get their dreams off the ground. The St. Louis area is becoming a center for innovation and the State of Missouri needs to support this economic engine and help us build tomorrow’s jobs.


Defending Missouri Working Families

I support the repeal of Right-To-Work through a vote of the people and will oppose all efforts by the Republican controlled Missouri General Assembly to pass additional laws to hurt workers and lower wages. I will vigorously defend Missouri’s labor unions, protect prevailing wage laws, workers’ compensation, and our working families.


Social and Economic Justice

I support raising the minimum wage so those who work hard for a living can afford to support their own families and make ends meet. We must also make sure than minor police records, when our young people have experienced racial profiling, are not used to keep them from gaining meaningful employment. We must also make sure that racial profiling and abuses of the justice system do not continue to incarcerate people for their inability to pay excessive fines.


Defending Planned Parenthood

I will continue to be an advocate for access to women’s health centers like Planned Parenthood and their funding. I am Pro-Choice and believe that, as a woman, I can do a better job of standing up and challenging Republican male legislators trying to dictate women’s health policies.


Defending Medicaid & Helping Seniors

Many Missourians earn too little to qualify for ObamaCare, but they are considered toe well off to qualify for Medicaid in Missouri. I will work to expand Medicaid eligibility and protect it from cuts. I will also defend those programs that help our seniors. I will also look for ways to freeze property tax assessments for those over 65 to help them be able to afford to stay in their own homes.


Standing Up for Voting Rights

Republicans in Missouri are trying to deny people their right to vote. Attempts at voter suppression are on the rise. I will fight to see that no one in Missouri is denied this right.